Look Up


look up from the cellphone
what do you see?
a world full of people
like you and me.
bent down from their necks
not at their knees,
its a new addiction
a new disease.

look up from your keyboard
stare right ahead,
it might be a window
or a person instead.
you might see the rain clouds
or an azure sky,
maybe someone laughing
or unhappy eyes.

Look up from your laptop
turn around,
has the path been walked
or yet to be found?
its not hidden away
in likes and tweets,
its woven in the rhythm
of a living heart beat.

look up from your space
look up and see,
a world full of emotions
and opportunities.
reach out to someone
just hold their hand,
feel their heart beat
you’ll understand.

we need to look up
to find ourselves,
its not buried in screens
or megapixels.
a reflection here

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