New Year Old Me

2015 is less than an hour away and there is a lot on my mind. This year has been undoubtably the biggest year of my life. I graduated high school, went on a vacation in Hawaii with my incredible boyfriend of 3 years, traveled the country of Croatia with my beautiful family, packed up all my things and moved out of my house and into a dorm at WSU, went through greek recruitment and became a sister at Alpha Omicron Pi, got diagnosed with a life changing autoimmune disease, turned 19 years old and finished my first semester of college. No doubt about it I am a completely different person than I was exactly a year ago. I have been forced to mature, find new perspectives, and meet new people. I have cried more than I thought i could in a year, but a lot of those tears were from laughing so hard that i teared up. I found out what it really means to be a good student and have responsibility for your own education. Let me tell you, to have to get yourself out of bed at 7am when you know that no one would stop you from sleeping in is a challenge in itself. Not to mention being a part of a sorority comes with its own set of struggles- everyone thinks its all one party for us sorority girls, but I couldn’t disagree more. From philanthropies to study table hour requirements to scholarship pouts to chapter meetings every Monday night… it takes up a lot of your time; you really have to put in the work to be able to get the perks. But AOII has provided me with some of the best experiences of my life to date; this chapter has lifted me up as a person and is the reason I have succeeded so well in college thus far. Not to mention all the friends I’ve made there- my best friend from WSU right now is a girl I met my first week in Pullman going through recruitment, and we just happened to end up in the same sorority house.

Then there comes my disease… its no surprise that this is something that has made my year unforgettable. But it has taught me so much about attitude and strength. I have never had to go through anything like this before and it has altered the way I see things.

This year signals another opportunity to get everything right in my life. For now I watch as the New York ball drops and brings all the hope and promise of the future.