I’d rather have cancer

I was looking though some fibromyalgia blogs and I found this little snip bit. I thought I would share. This would probably surprise most people to hear, but I feel as though people suffering from severe fibromyalgia feel the same way.

“The friend of a friend said to me recently that she heard I have some health issues. I replied yes, that among a lot of other things I have Fibromyalgia. She was silent for a minute and then she said “At least it’s just Fibromyalgia. It isn’t like it’s something that could kill you like cancer or something.” Without missing a beat I looked her directly in the eye and replied with “I’d rather have cancer.”

Eyes wide and mouth gaping open she was stunned into silence for a few minutes. When she regained her composure she asked if I was serious. I told her that I was completely serious. I explained to her that Fibromyalgia is a strange illness, in that it effects people in different ways. It has varying degrees of implications on different people. Some people have it enough to notice it and have it be annoying, while others are completely bed-ridden from it. I’ve even known of a lady who in a flare couldn’t stand up and walk, and had to crawl on her hands and knees to the restroom.

Don’t get me wrong, cancer is a horrible monster that causes pain, agony, and destroys lives and families. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. So does Fibromyalgia though. With cancer, the pain and agony is going to end. No if and’s or but’s about it. The pain and sickness will come to an end. Either a person is cured or else they die. With Fibro, there isn’t any end in sight. It’s an entire life stuck in an earthly hell of pain, fatigue, co-morbidities, and sickness.

In my thought process, I’d rather have the chance of a cure and at least knowing if it doesn’t work that my pain will end anyway. Yes, I’m thankful to be alive but thinking about having to live for 40 or 50 more years trapped in this hell is daunting and to be completly honest, I’d rather not. No, I’m not suicidal in the least, I just would rather not have to live this way knowing it could be decades upon decades.”


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